Don’t believe everything you see: the truth about undercover videos

Don’t believe everything you see: the truth about undercover videos.

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Oregon Wolf Pup Calls To It’s Pack….

Oregon Wolf Pup Calls To It’s Pack…..

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My views, like them or not

Hi all… finally getting around to blogging.  here you will find my views on topics important to me. everyone is welcome to read what I write. My topics will include some ‘hot’ issues that some will agree with and some will vehemently dislike. oh well! this is MY page with MY views/opinions/likes/dislikes.

first, I am an animal WELFARE advocate. not animal rights.  I believe animals are NOT equal to humans but they should deserve our respect, honor, care and yes, our love. In other words, they are not human children wrapped in fur. and yes, I do love my pets that I own!  I am a devout omnivore – meaning I do eat meat as well as vegetables/fruits.  I do know where meat comes from and how it gets from the barn to my plate.  I am a proud, disabled veteran. I’m not a war veteran but fully support our military.  Our returning vets need our love and support.  If you have a business that can employ our vets please do so.

I will not post anything directed personally at anyone. my use of the word “you” , unless otherwise specified, is meant as a general “you” not a specific “you”. I will, however, post directly at organizations that I personally like or dislike.

Ok, now to get to the point of my blogging! If you have animals that you love,show, raise, breed or in any way feel you deserve to be left alone by the likes of the HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and/or any other of the animal rights groups – please check out “The Cavalry Group”   They are an animal welfare group that provides legal counsel to members and does a lot of animal welfare lobbying.  I do not get paid by them so have nothing to gain whether you check them out or not.  I totally despise the way that HSUS, PETA, ASPCA  have spent so much money on preying on innocent, uniformed people by showing animals in despicable conditions and begging you to give them money.  I am not saying that animals don’t get abused/neglected, unfortunately that does happen. However, you will do much more to help animals if you go to your local shelter(s) and donate your time and/or money.  The HSUS takes your money and only about 1% goes to helping any animals. the rest goes for lobbying, salaries and (dare I say this) political graft.  PETA does not have any shelters and have publicly stated that animals are “better dead than bred”.  The ASPCA is slightly better than those 2 but still desire to see the end of animal usage.  by animal usage, I mean used as pets, companions, service animals, food, clothing etc.  I personally do not like the ‘fur trade’ but if the whole animal is used – such as leather from a cow,sheep, pig etc- as well as the making of food I don’t have a problem   just going out to trap/snare/hunt for a trophy or a skin is totally abhorrent to me.  But, I will defend a person’s right to raise animals for their fur (like mink) and do not approve of any illegal activities to ‘free’ said animals.  most of the animals raised in ‘fur farms’ do not know how to live in the wild anymore and do not revert to a wild state.  those misguided people who break into and/or release animals have just signed death warrants for most of the freed animals.

and sooooo I come to a topic near and dear to my heart.  all the raids that are being done by animal rights groups and the people who are affiliated with them,  is breaking my heart.  I am well aware of the fact that there are irresponsible owners out there. but there is a concerted effort being forced down the throats of most Americans to wipe out all the good breeders out there. someone decided that because they didn’t like purebred animals that no one should breed for any reason.  there is obviously a break down of communication going on here.  Most breeders are advocates for their chosen breed(s). they do medical testing and have contributed much to health and genetic research. most breeders have a contract. most breeders do as much as they can to ensure their puppies/dogs, cats/kittens go to good homes. most breeders will take their animals back at any time rather than allow them to be placed in a shelter.  yet, if the ARistas will have you believe what THEY say – all breeders are bad!  I have stated repeatedly that only ‘bad’ news sells. you never see the well run kennels, the breeders that raise their animals in their homes, the well cared for, well loved animals.  now we have a horrible new ‘rule’ put out by a government agency – USDA/APHIS – that has decided that if anyone owns more than 5 females of any species that are intact – that is in aggregate ( 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 hamster, 1 gerbil, 1 chincilla) YOU are a commercial breeder.  You must be licensed, allow inspections, build animal areas that have no place in a home environment and many other restrictions.

got to go for now.  more later


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